About the Grievance Project

The Grievance Project is an attempt by us, Stephen Owen and Scott Bridges, to take an idea we’ve talked about at the pub and develop it into a fully formed argument. This site will be where we draw out and refine our thinking over time and in the open. We will post thought bubbles and longer form pieces, interview transcripts and research summaries, requests for thoughts and criticism of others’ work. The process will be non-linear and, we suspect, messy; but hopefully productive. Eventually we plan to have published enough raw material and analysis to be able to draw it all together and synthesise it into a coherent, standalone thesis.

Check out a tl;dr of what the Grievance Project research is all about.

About Stephen

Stephen has a PhD in politics and international relations from the University of Newcastle, Australia. His research uncovered the subtle operations of power relations engendered by the use of Facebook, and utilised a Foucauldian-inspired theoretical framework to analyse the ways in which Facebook is used as a Technology of the Self. He has a number of academic publications related to social media and is currently seeking a post-doctoral research position to further these avenues of inquiry. Stephen is excited something silly about the Grievance Project.

About Scott

Scott Bridges is a PhD researcher at the University of Canberra, Australia. His thesis looks at the Al Jazeera Network’s expansion outside the Arabic-speaking world, with a focus on Australia. He is the author of 18 Days: Al Jazeera English and the Egyptian Revolution which looked at the channel’s coverage of those explosive 2011 events. For Scott, the Grievance Project is a fun, thinky hobby that ideally will keep him busy for the few minutes per week he’s not already flat out with other stuff.

The Grievance Project is an independent initiative by Stephen and Scott and is not affiliated with any university or institution.

Photo of Atlas by Aaron Logan.